Departure -5 days!

“Twee Belgen” was an eighties new wave band that coloured the musical scene in Belgium a while ago and attempted to conquer the world with their music.

“Two Belgians” is the story of two twenty-something year old Belgian guys who grew a bit tired of the typical home-rooted mentality of  “Just act normal, that’s already special enough by itself”. We saw ourselves going down the typical track of building a career – settling down – buying a house and decided to head for the first emergency exit we saw.

We’re not saying we disliked our jobs (on the contrary we always liked the exciting environments we encountered) had problems with the girls we met or felt uncomfortable living in Cologne/Brussels. It just didn’t feel 100% right, at least not at this moment in our lives.

So when dining in an Italian restaurant on a depressingly sad fall evening last year, while speaking about how we looked upon our former situations, we spoke out the magic words: “Let’s just travel around the word instead”. Ever since our focus has been on Tuesday 16th of March and now it’s getting very very close. Damn, we’re excited!


One thought on “Departure -5 days!

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