Day 1: Buenos Aires

¡Hola todos!

After a long flight we arrived in Buenos Aires 7.30 am local time.  On the plane we had an interesting encounter. It pretty much seems like “Il Divin Codino”  is planning to follow “El Superclásico” between Boca Juniors and River Plate on sunday. He will be supporting his favourite team Boca Juniors. Of course we could not leave the “papparazi-footage” behind 🙂 But… who can guess the name of this genius ex-football player? First one to send the right response will be rewarded with a postcard.

Encounter on the plane to Buenos Aires

For the moment we are planning our week in Buenos Aires. Next to the famous football game there are an awful lot of things and places to check out.  Later on some pictures and impressions from this buzzing city!

Hasta luego!


9 thoughts on “Day 1: Buenos Aires

  1. Niemand minder dan Roberto Baggio!
    Dat kaartje mag opgestuurd worden naar Joke & Maarten, Aannemersstraat 33A, 9040 Sint-Amandsberg
    Dank U!

  2. No no Dirk, it took several minutes before my answer came up. So Maarten could not know.

    But he still doesn’t deserve the card (and neither did I up to now). Because the true answer to the question ‘who is this genius ex-football player’ is of course ‘Tom Dobbels’.

    Bondgenotenlaan 15, 8520 Kuurne please!

  3. That bastard hit his elbow on Luis Enrique’s nose on the quarter finals of the World Cup in 1994 and the referee claimed he saw nothing. It would have been the worst possible way to start a tip like the one of this nature for myself…

    But of course you are Belgians, and only uncommon and special things like this one could happen to the two of you. Damn it, I so envy you. I hope that at some point in your journey the name of this Blog will change -at least for some weeks- from “2 Belgians around the world” to “2 Belgians and a Spaniard around the world”. See you soon guys!!

  4. Dear Diego,
    The bastard you mention was Tassotti, who used to play in the Italian squad as well in US94. Baggio was the one who scored, if I’m not wrong!
    I envy you tons as well and will enthusiasticly follow your adventures in this blog ! Enjoy your trip as much as you can. I want to hear about the “minas”, too.

  5. Ma é il mitico Roberto Baggio! We will wait the postcard …you now where we are sitting every day!


    HR//direct Italy

  6. Hey globetrotters, eindelijk een nieuwtje van mij. Ik ben van plan om op reis te gaan in juli en Silke gaf me het goede idee om jullie gewoon ergens te vervoegen. Gaan jullie naar Peru? Colombia? Geef me een ruwe schatting van jullie route rond eind juni, begin juli en dan kijk ik even naar mogelijke vluchten. would be cool. Maar indien jullie andere plannen hebben, just let me know! Two belgians and a girl. 😉 dikke knuffel voor jullie beiden!

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