Day 7: Patagonia, “when nature calls”

“Quien se apura en la Patagonia pierde el tiempo” (he who hurries in Patagonia loses his time)”

Hi Everybody,

Both living in cities before the trip and having visited Buenos Aires really made us long for something more peaceful and quiet. An experience closer to the elements of nature, away from all distracting or stressing day-to-day settings and circumstances.

Patagonia has proven to be the perfect choice. The landscapes in “the southernmost city of the world”, Ushuaia, are absolutely stunning.

View over the Beagle Channel

We encountered our first glacier doing a (short) hiking trip to the “Glaciar Martial”.

Two Belgians flying in the air at Glaciar Martial

On wednesday we arrived in the  “Parque Nacional Tierra Del Fuego”. It is quite difficult to put into words the experience we had on this 5-hour trip through this amazing scenery. An attempt:  Take a beautiful lake, a steep path in a forest, followed by a sort of  mangrove and swamp, finally ending with climbing a nice snowy mountain.  Next to that, the circumstances made the experience: we had some sun, a lot of snow and wind speeds up to 100 km/h.

Flying Belgians at Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego

Some further informations: during the day we encountered a nice creek with drinkable water. At least, that is what we assume.  This immediately brings us to the first poll ever on our blog:

After all, the hiking trip in the national park took a bit longer (approximately 15 minutes). Reason enough to start a second poll.

Please do not hesitate to give your opinions! They will be fairly appreciated and rewarded.

On Thursday, a bus will take us further up north to Punta Arenas, the biggest city in Patagonia as well as a perfect place to foresee supplies ( food and warm waterproof clothes) for the next challenge on our worldtrip: “El Circuito” (the circuit). A walking tour through “Parque Nacional Torres Del Paine“, approximately taking up to10 days of hiking in a desolate but amazing background. 10 days  of cold, rain, wind, snow and above all isolation in one of the most beautiful national parks on planet earth.  Departure day for the trip is sunday. So, litting a candle for good ending would be appreciated a lot.

Probably this means we won’t be posting a lot in the next ten days. But, don’t worry, we are not dead (yet).

Till a bit later!


5 thoughts on “Day 7: Patagonia, “when nature calls”

  1. Love your photos and updates.. I can see you’re having a spectacular time. Keep them coming… living vicariously through you, I suppose =)

  2. David en Tom,eindelijk vind ik de tijd om jullie te vertellen hoe zalig ik het vind om jullie verhaal te volgen. De “vliegfoto’s zijn subliem, superleuk…
    Ik benijd nu al jullie avontuur in de natuur. Blij ontdekken en hou ons op de hoogte kusje

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