Now is a good time for you to explore. Take a vacation…

… those were the aspiring words I found on the fortune cookie I got after having a Chinese lunch yesterday. God knows where this wisdom comes from, but it surely felt like it was written especially for me. I’m about to set off on a new adventure in a couple of hours and it feels like it’s time to get this blog on life support again. On the other side of the globe Tom is also planning to get his weary traveler boots on again, so our reborn lives as traveler-writer-extraordinaire might coincide.

It’s been over two years since I have written something here, so I’ll start off with a short recap for those of you who have been following at a distance.

After an amazing six weeks in India I headed down to Thailand for two relaxing weeks at the end of my round-the-world trip. It involved meeting up with good friends, lots of spicy food and taking on a free-diving course. A short lay-over in post-revolution Cairo brought me back to Belgium.

Even before arriving back, new escape plans had already been conceived. I – unexpectedly – could convince the esteemed members of the Prince Albert Foundation that I would be an ideal candidate to do business development work somewhere outside of Europe. I quickly matched up with Impextraco, a Belgian micro-ingredients producer, and moved for them to Queretaro, Mexico. I spent about 18 months in Mexico: setting up an office, finding clients, perfecting my Spanish, creating a new social network and doing lots of outdoor stuff (climbing, ultimate frisbee, mountainbiking). And then I decided it was time to move on …

I went to Guatemala at the beginning of this year to work as a volunteer for Quetzaltrekkers. A great social project and what was originally planned to be a three month commitment, turned in to a five month wonderful experience. I met some amazing people, did some killer hikes and had a genuine feeling about contributing something good to this planet. You can find some impressions here!

Leaving Guatemala was a sad moment, but bigger challenges awaited me. I made my way up through Mexico along the Pacific Coast, Mexico City and Queretaro. Into the States, through Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle where I am now. Along the way I met up with some amazing friends who shared their endless hospitality with me.

This brings me where I am now: in Seattle and ready to start on what is quite probably the biggest challenge of my life. I plan on thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail this summer. This plan was conceived when I was hiking in Nepal a while ago and now finally comes to fruition.

Pacific Crest Trail

Pacific Crest Trail

This amazing trail crosses the West Coast of the States going from the Canadian border to the Mexican border. And my hope is that I will walk every single step of it along the way. It’s 4286 km (2663 miles) long and should take me four and a half months to complete it.

Why do I want to hike this trail? Because it’s there, because I dreamed about doing it, because I want to figure out if I’m physically/mentally capable of doing, because I’m hoping of one day doing the Great Himalaya Trail, because it’s possible …

I’ll be out on the trail tomorrow. There is some terrifying information about high snow and plenty of bears, but it wouldn’t be a challenge if it weren’t like that.

Take care,


5 thoughts on “Now is a good time for you to explore. Take a vacation…

  1. I’m so happy to see this update and find out that you’re just as amazing as ever. I wish you all the best and am anxious to read about your next exploits!

  2. Hi David,

    I hope you enjoyed Seattle. I really love the city (although it is often rainy).

    Looking forward to your experiences during this long walking trip! Maybe we met each other unexpectedly on an airport somewhere in the world 😉

    Have fun, take care, and have safe travels!


  3. David! I found your blog address in the history of my computer from last night. We are looking forward to following your trek; it was wonderful meeting you. Glad we could be your hosts as you start your trip! -Kaplan’s

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